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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 21st April 2014 to 27th April 2014

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


A sudden change the 21st appears likely and/or a sudden 'loss' the 23rd or 25th and either could take the form of 'good or bad news'. Empty nesting ranks highest, health expense for pets comes in next and moves ranks third. Expense may go 'on the rise' suddenly the 23rd, for issues separate from ones already listed and appear to possibly be attributed to 'the mistakes of certain members' who are either foolish or make youthful type mistakes; then YOU end up paying. This is not likely, however, if you ARE a youth and have little to no responsibilities. Travel expense appears likely the 25th and can range from exciting upgrades to disheartening repairs.


You are old fashioned and highly idealistic and it shows in the way you take your love situations so 'seriously' valuing them beyond calculable amounts. There IS a small threat of 'status loss' in love this week and IF it 'hits for you' it would likely be contained to the 23rd, for 12 hours on either side of the 23rd to cover. "or the events arising from it." Once past that, it does not appear Totters 'lose love' this week, unless they are very FOOLISH and 'short sighted'. In fact, new love opportunities ARE possible near the 25th and especially the 26th with some 'small wash over' into the 27th. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friendships are also very WELCOMED in your life and like exciting holiday gifting, you can 'hardly WAIT to see what you're going to get!' Not many of us get to 'know' or memorialize the very DAY we meet a 'life long friend' as often the very early days are muddled through the years and memories fade or become confused but it IS possible that an important 'life long pal' who shares many of your hobbies, passions, views and 'parallel life styles' cycles INTO your life this week! Typical signs are Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini.


MOST of you are 'safe' from some of the typical 'threats' that are out there this week for career lives of SO many other signs. This leaves the obvious; coworkers and long time PALS 'go down or out' along side you. You should NOT step in unless you know it to be the right thing to do. Accept that IF you hit this one, a relationship you'd LIKE to hold on to, may HAVE to 'pass on' ESPECIALLY if you work in an INDUSTRY where non-competitive contracts are signed as 'fraternization' with someone who 'goes ELSE where' [especially a competitor] may be frowned on in the near future. Consider it IF you hit this one! The rest of you seem to be torn at all week trying to 'help a bevy of others around you' at the risk of your OWN focus and accomplishment levels. What's new on that one!? I'm smiling!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by changes even though you want your life could stay exactly the same. After all, that makes you feel safe and secure. Change doesn't have to be frightening, in fact, major changes taking place in your creative life, could awaken you to new talents and abilities. Remember that there is always another step to take and that things may not actually be as they seem. Don't resist these changes. You are developing new levels of consciousness, and these changes are part of that development. You'll enjoy work projects that relate to the communications field. Humanitarian concerns are important to you, it may be time for you to address the inhumanity in the world. What you have may be more valuable than you think. Feel good & so will everyone around you. Lucky Numbers: 4, 12, 25, 26, 32, 39 Read more...