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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 28th July 2014 to 3rd August 2014

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Problems may seem BIG to youth the 28th and you must take time to fully address them. Viewing them with humor, laughing or chuckling may be a BAD idea. Appear supportive and solid, stable, reliable and a real 'rock' they can come to; one who 'knows it all' and understands everything before it is even spoken; but take the time to REALLY LISTEN, especially if Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo, Cancer or Virgo is going the talking. You show a sudden and abrupt 'change' to your week on the 30th; adapt to it quickly by scrambling or spending whatever it TAKES. Leave 'quality time' for yourself the 1st; you are going to need it, especially if you are SINGLE. Make sure the rest of the family is supportive and let them know in advance if you have ANY plans whatsoever for the 1st.


Your stars show one 'string' of love opportunity after ANOTHER! IF you are paired; this may be the chance to take things 'higher and higher' growing them again and again in a relatively SHORT span of time! IF you are single; this may be one HUGE opportunity after another in the form of 'choices' OR, it may be a 'string of very important events' that are linked together to form a life long chain of happiness. BE READY FOR IT. Opportunities START the 28th, flow in, out, around and all over the place the 29th to 31st, CULMINATING the 1st, with a big fat, HEFTY 'aspect' that could have the love of your life reeling in! That's not to say the 2/3rd are chopped liver, but use them carefully and do not 'undo' the good you've done. The 'threat' of the 2/3rd is 'appearing to sexually aggressive'. Sex is important and to be enjoyed but not to be 'pressed, pursued or singled out in any sit or get off the pot ultimatums'. NO, NO, NO! Even you happily paired Totters must avoid that one! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


IF you are in need this week of any kind of 'professional help' like say; the law and you have a buddy; hit them up! You need a doctor? Get the best from a doctor PAL. BUT... if it's love counseling you need, FIND A PRO OR LET IT GO!


You show excellent support from both power figures and those around you who are 'on the same level' like coworkers and constituents. Ask and you WILL receive. There IS a small 'threat' that there can be some last minute 'upheaval' the 30th near early AM and IF you hit this one; handle it with care, say NOTHING to those around you and keep as close of an eye/ear on things as you can get away with. It IS possible there may be 'big change' going on overhead and it has NOT filtered down to all of YOU yet. IF there IS change and filtering to be done; there is a good chance YOU will be asked to 'fill shoes'. For some of you, this is temporary with a shot at keeping it and for others of you, it is a long over due 'time you got your dues' situation. HOLD FAST! Don't BLINK and zip the lip big time! You don't know anything and you HAVE no opinion.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by a mixture of energy from your emotional moods. Special feelings about traditions, relationships & a new interest in financial opportunities will surface. You can start your own traditions, make plans, include everybody close to your heart. The support will give you the confidence you lack. This is a good week to escape from the "rat race" and put your personal life in order. Try to remove excess stress wherever possible, your loved ones will notice the difference if you do. Focus on philosophy and mysteries of life. This is the week that will ignite your ambitions & allow you to publish, exhibit your talents. Aries native of opposite sex insists you are ready for fame & fortune. Listen to your inner voice & exceed all your previous expectations. Your interest in fashion & style will lead you in the right direction. Cancer native also figures prominently in scenario. Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 29, 35, 36, 44 Read more...