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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 24th October 2016 to 30th October 2016

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Your stars show some enjoyable gatherings of long talks discussing details and working out or planning issues, possibly gatherings or celebrations for upcoming big events or holiday time frames on the 24th. Being pushed or pressed to spend on the 25th is possible and respecting your gut along with how much you can tolerate would be wisest. Expense for travel or long-distance dealings near the 27th is likely along with vehicle upgrades, vehicle repairs and even vehicle purchases... Particularly for other health reasons, fitness reasons or to care or service for certain family members. Stocking the shelves with basic necessities appears to be another big-ticket item this week collectively... In what may be two to four trips out spending that add up to big bucks... Some here some there and at the end of the week nothing anywhere.


When it comes to spending on romance, sensual pursuits, play toys, courtship or other types of... Hold Me, thrill me, kiss me... Necessities, I think you should pull out all the stops... Even if you have to eat dog food to be able to do it. Give yourself what you need and enjoy the more sensual energies that are a veritable tsunami through the week... Right up to the 29th when you have to pull back the reins and quit. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Sharing time with buddies and sparing no expense on shared hobbies and pursuits may fly 24th and possibly the 27th but may prove to be a problem near the 25th and the 29th... You will have to be the judge. Enjoyable exchanges and economic, almost free.. Good times... Appear likely on the 30th as invitations, gatherings, parties and celebrations are indicated


When it comes to career this week power people have a strong hand upon the reins and made direct each day, causing you to have to work around challenges, step up to the plate, be accommodating and most of all, be adaptable, particularly the 25th with on-site individuals and again the 27th with any power people communicating from a distance away or dealing with you from new or foreign connections. Answer all calls and communications quickly the 28th for a bumper crop profit. If you must work the 29th try to finish quickly, hold your tongue at any expense and do not challenge signs like Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer or any power person.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your willingness to take on difficult tasks. Your job may demand that you pay attention to every detail. You prefer to deal with the big picture. A close friend or partner could get on your nerves now. They may be worried about a minor matter that frustrates you. Don't allow your emotions to make decisions for you. It may cause trouble to control your actions or re-actions. Your emotional well-being will depend on how well you deal with a recent family situation. Don't take on more responsibilities than you can handle. You may need to learn to let others do things for you for a change. That'll leave time to explore the wild, new ideas that are filling your head these days. Lucky Numbers: 21, 22, 27, 28, 33, 40 Read more...