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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

Week of 11th December 2017 to 17th December 2017

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


This week appears to require you to invest a great deal for yourself... like patience and tolerance... which will be required Monday the 11th straight into Wednesday the 12th... in taking your time and being thoughtful while projecting forward for your needs. Tolerance will also be required with your partner, particularly late on Monday the 11th and even later on Tuesday the 12th. This is really a cake walk for you. The big message is to avoid any late evening or bedtime discussions about anything that could escalate emotionally out of control, such as money, behavior of children or each other, discipline issues, in-laws, discussions of things that went on during the day and of course any bickering over future plans or other types of issues that are upcoming. You may find this especially true if discussing Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio or children, sibling and in-laws of any sign. I give you this one as sort of a 'template'. LOL... You take it and run with it to keep your week healthy and emotionally sound. The rest of the week appears to be highly enjoyable and the closer you get to Saturday the 16th the higher the excitement and pleasure factor appears to build... as many of you may have plans for special celebrations and gatherings with visitors, traveling [maybe the 12th ?]... and other types of exciting events that may be targeted for the 15th to 17th, putting you at being the life of the party on Saturday the 16th and in the spotlight to twinkle and shine.


Romance this week may likely go from one extreme to the other and a cross-section of you may start the week out believing you don't have a chance and find that everything spins around and does a drastic 180 between the 13th and the 14th 15th... and a sweeping upgrade for even the most "Doubting Thomas"... among you. Singles can go to involved... And troubled, paired Aquarius's, can go to peaceful, calm and contented, with tons of pleasure and enjoyment. Long discussions and cleansing exchanges appear very likely between the 13th and 15th, with all the cards on the table. Those of you already in healthy status, will simply find that there is an even more improved, closer status between you that sweeps you into the joy of the upcoming holiday season. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Some of the explanation for the building pleasure and joy may be the impromptu gatherings, short-range travel or trips near the 12th, evening of the 14th, day time of the 13th and 15th and certainly big smashing plans that appear likely for a hefty cross-section of you Saturday the 16th and the evening of Sunday the 17th. Some will include friends and some of you will include friends with family, blending the two to exponentially expand your joy and take you to the stratosphere. Lucky, lucky you.


Career this week can be demanding... and none is more pounding on your psyche than Monday the 11th... when responsibilities appeared to be dumped upon you, and even flow against the wall toward you. Unfair energies are typical and co-workers who dropped the ball may be an explanation... along with unfinished business from the week previous. Don't get in a snit over anything that's unfair... simply take it into the 12th and finish it while expecting a long day with interruptions that may carry you well past the typical work hours in some cases. Those of you who are highly innovative will simply know how to delegate out duty and find creative solutions. Some travel or working via remote control may be likely for another cross-section of you. Once past the struggles of the 12th... the rest of the week appears to be in balance with a minor exception of interruptions, last-minute materials not available and other types of distractions that appear restricted to possibly... the morning of the 15th, but only for those of you who deal with transportation industries, long-distance exchange or foreign companies, countries or entities. Most of you will solve these quickly and get back in the groove and cut out early. There IS a chance for those of you who MISS this one, that OTHER Aquarius you know WILL 'hit it' and ask for help. HELP them; IF, they are 'deserving'... it will be good karma for you.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by challenges that will motivate your spirit. You'll feel magnetized and ready to take on any professional or personal obstacles that stands in your way. Plan to do something special with the family. Obstacles may stand in your way. Ignore people who are trying to lead you astray. You can learn a lot if you are more open-minded. Give others the benefit of the doubt. You'll be able to overcome anything if you stand tall and prepare to push ahead. The harder you strive for perfection, the better you will do. Trusting others may prove to be costly. However if you do, it will teach you a valuable lesson in life. Don't worry, you'll soon be able to recognize the difference between a true and a fair-weather friend. The world is forever changing and so should you if you want to stay in control of your destiny. The positive energy you emit should give you a new perspective on your future. Lucky Numbers: 9, 15, 18, 28, 34, 43 Read more...