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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for Gemini

Week of 21st May 2018 to 27th May 2018

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Indications are that Mercury is extremely busy this week and that means that you are extremely busy this week starting with strong insights and ESP levels the 22nd and moving swiftly along with being the center of attention the 23rd and gaining support for special plans and ideas 25th, only to lead you into highly successful events the 26th with both family and career. Lots of talking and discussion appear likely the 24th and some of it may be plan making, while for another cross section of you it appears to be negotiations and settlements of a variety of kinds both financial and emotional, whichever the case may be.


Romance is the bright spot this week with hopeful promise and hefty upgrades likely for both single AND committed Twins. A mistake in judgment near the 22nd to 24th may cause a problem for SOME Gemini. IF you fall into this one, fix it fast or risk an 'or else' that need not HAVE to have been! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends are a great place to 'run things past' this week from business to personal needs but when/if it comes to 'big, important relationship needs or mistakes' it may be wise to use a PRO! Clear up any problems before the very promising 25th to 29th, when 'need' with pals is greatest. Make sure you are 'on the same page' with a buddy and no misunderstandings are 'allowed to exist' more than a few hours!


This can be a very progressive week with hefty catalysts all around you, sending you foreword into a promising and profitable near future, especially IF you are making plans for travel or holding meetings near 5/30 to 6/7. Cheerful attitudes are likely near the 23rd to 25th when you are likely to 'get the nod' on almost anything. Be tolerant and patient the 22nd or 'risk a mistake' or bad judgment call.

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by performances, new possibilities, ideas, visions, and dreams that come to you. It may not seem completely realistic or practical at first, but once you decide what you want, you can put the wheels in motion. You'll be very productive. You'll be able to solve problems effortlessly, even when others are uncooperative. You might not be very tolerant & be easily frustrated by people who don't listen to you. Don't let them get the best of you. Stay very focused and be clear about what you expect. State it as precisely as possible. If you do this exercise, you'll sharpen your powers of communication. If you're not on track, an argument or dispute may get your attention. You could run into complications on the job due to some long-distance interference. You've got major responsibilities and you don't appreciate this kind of meddling. Don't make a big fuss about it. Eliminate the problem through careful, quiet discussion. Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 20, 36, 40, 42 Read more...